The big misunderstanding about anal sex

big misunderstanding about anal sexWhenever I am teaching a workshop and Im sharing the different locations on a women’s body where she can actually have an orgasm from, when I get to the anal section part of it, its like a huge disappointment comes over the womans faces and sometimes some of them even leave the room. Its hard to believe that this is a such a strong pleasure center for women when we are so conditioned and traumatized by the way we view anal sex wether it be through porn, or rape or the gay world or just the way people talk about it but the fact is our bodies were designed with reason and purpose. Our bodies, especially the womans body is so complex and has so many integrated and magical portals to activate that are there to help us in our path to our life purpose. We have places inside our body that open energy centers and activate tools that are designed to help us.

Think of a child as a pure and natural being, untouched and innocent. As we go through life we become conditioned, we experience trauma and pain, as a result we create blocks and walls and we become closed and rigid. No matter what has happened to us in life we can never forget who we are or where we came from. We were once that innocent bright eyed child who looked at the world in awe, mesmerized by everything new and beautiful she would discover. We want to go back to that energy of being open and receptive and yes Im here to tell you we can get there though anal sex.

First let me go through the pleasure centers I have discovered personally through my own experiences and case studies. The first and least spectacular orgasm a women’s body can have is in the clitoris. This is located at the top of the vulva, just above the urethra and vaginal opening. This is considered to be the easiest orgasm to achieve and the most popular. The next which is little bit stronger is the vaginal orgasm which comes from inside the walls of the vagina, its a bit more difficult to achieve because you have to connect to the body and if there is emotional or trauma blockages, you might not be able to access it. The third one is the G-spot which is found if you cup your fingers like a c and go deep into the vagina its deep in the back of the walls. This one is extremely powerful and feels like its coming from your uterus. When you access the G-spot if you connect correctly to your body here is where you can have multiple upon multiple orgasms and for several minutes at a time. Im normally having anywhere between 14-20 orgasms from the G-spot and they can last up to 5 minutes. When your body is incredibly open and comfortable and trauma free from blockages, shame, guilt, judgement…you can access the power of light that comes from the energy of these orgasms because when you orgasm it opens a portal and connects you directly to the universe.

When I first tried anal sex it was naturally because a guy wanted it and it as not comfortable or enjoyable because it was all about him and had nothing to do about connection. Several years later after healing my yoni and becoming more open to my sexuality my body asked for anal sex. I could feel the senses there talking to me and wanting it. Just like when you have a baby and your body prepares for birth so your cervix opens its the same exact thing when it comes to anal sex. Your anus becomes relaxed and open and there is no pain, only pleasure. The reason why we can feel pain upon entrance is because we are not relaxed or comfortable. In order for it to be pleasurable you have to be completely comfortable and relaxed. This means set the tone, energy, music, lighting, whatever you need to feel sexy and relaxed. Next, clean yourself really well in preparation so you don’t worry about any unwanted accidents. This is very normal in the gay world, its called cleaning out. Just take a enigma bag with you in the shower and clean everything out if it makes you feel more comfortable or just don’t eat a heavy meal before.

Another amazing body part we have that serves as a function is our throat. Before practicing anal sex you can perform oral sex on your partner and it activates the moisture in your body and will actually make your vagina really wet, especially when you hit the spot in the back of your throat. This is another practice that you must be very relaxed for but is incredibly misunderstood and a powerful tool for sex. After your vagina becomes very wet from activating the moisture through oral sex, you can spread that moisture around the area of the anus. Your anus must be very moisturized and relaxed for it to go in and feel pleasure. Once its inside, as long as the penis is not going in and out at the tip and stays inside, more moisture will come through. You can become very dry if only the entrance is used in a way like the penis is masturbating. These pleasure centers can only be accessed if both partners are consciously connecting to each others bodies.

As I mentioned there are two pleasure centers inside the anus. The first access point is at the point about as long as your middle finger, not to your palm but just the finger part. When this is accessed you will hit another G-spot and the orgasm is extremely intense and powerful. Its easier to access this when you practice tantra and edging. Anal sex is not for every day. Its a very sacred practice but when done correctly can be amazing. I mentioned there were two access points in the anus so after you reach the first one that is around the size of your middle finger there is another opening and another entrance that can be discovered. This one is much more intense than the first access point.

As both points in the anus are incredibly pleasurable there is also a deeper reason why its important for us to have orgasms. When a woman has a orgasm she is being connected deeper to her intuition. Orgasms awaken her psychic ability, her ability to navigate, to see things. They make us glow, they give us light, they give us magic, they are anti- aging, the are so powerful. Why do you think womans sexuality has been so suppressed for so many years? Because its powerful! There is so much power that lies within these pleasure centers and access points that it needed to be toned down according to the men that were threatened by it. Access your orgasms and watch what happens.