Get your power source from spirit not from sex

I recently wrote about how casual sex can take your personal growth to the next level and when it comes to evolving through these types of experiences, its important to recognize that you are choosing this path of evolution as a way to grow and not as a way to receive power. If you have sex with someone and it leaves you feeling empty and guilty or unfulfilled than it means you are using  sex as a power source. When you don’t need any “filling up” because you are already “full” than every experience you have is just a beautiful learning and growing. Your experiences should enhance your development. In order to get the most out of these experiences you have to be conscious of what you are doing. You must practice emotional intelligence. Learn how to separate your emotions from your heart. Follow the emotions to understand whats going on inside you. If you are reacting to the things around you than its time to look inside yourself to discover what is being triggered, what you need to heal, what is the issue. If you are emotional, something needs to heal inside of you. Write everything down so you can recognize the patterns. Focus on healing yourself. Become obsessed with healing.

Signs you might be getting your power source from sex:

After sex you are left feeling more alone than before the sex

after sex you feel off balance

after sex you feel insecure

you are desperate for sex and will sleep with anyone to get that high

you do crazy things you wouldn’t normally do, act out of character

you get a rush from sex and crave it

you cant operate without it

Get your power source from spirit. When you meet someone show up not needing anything. Create your balance for yourself and activate your own power. How do we do this? You have to have devotion to spirit and by spirit this can mean God, the universe, Infinite divine intelligence, however you want to call it.

How to get your power source from spirit:

One of the ways I connect with spirit is I do a ceremony every morning where I take a few minutes and go into a quite space, I light some palo santo and call upon my spirit guides. I recognize their presence and I ask for their assistance with my day, we go over the things Im doing and we set an intention together. I mediate for a few minutes, maybe 10 min to calm the monkey mind and after I feel stable and calm Im ready to start my day. I also keep my stress levels very low. When we have high stress, we can easily become off balance. I take herbs and eat super high vibration foods and I also have strict eating routines and habits that keep my body balanced and happy. 90% of how we look and feel is from what we put in our body. 

Take a piece of paper and draw a circle on that paper and inside write down everything that makes you feel good. This can be reading, writing, painting, dancing, hanging out with friends, traveling, eating out…everything that makes you feel good. This is your vessel and these are the things that fill your vessel. Take responsibility to fill your vessel everyday so it doesn’t get depleted. Do things you love that make you feel good so you are not searching for unhealthy ways to get refilled. Take an online class for art, one of my favorites is Shilo Sophia.  

8 years ago, i moved to Hawaii after looking at my relationship patterns and wanting to break the pattern and heal. I wasn’t really sure what exactly I was healing but I had been keeping a journal for six years and was recognizing that these experiences I kept creating over and over and over again were just the same guy with a different face and that it was my own stuff that needed to be fixed in order to change the manifestations outside of me. Relationships are so incredibly healing if you are conscious of these things. Our intimate partners mirror to us what we need to heal. People are not to be used as our power source. This is actually a form of energy sucking and behaving like a vampire, its not polite and its not healthy for either of you. Get your power source from spirit, from high vibe food, from life! Ignite your own light and get your power from this, its the strongest power you can access. When we steal energy from others, like getting power energy from sex and the people we have sex with,this isn’t clean energy. This energy comes with problems and insecurities fragmented in the aura fields of the people we sleep with. This will for sure leave you off balance. Create healthy boundaries for yourself.

I had one boyfriend whom I was super attracted to like so much, but every time we had sex we would spend days together and it was amazing we would just get lost in lover land but after he left I felt absolutely off balance and insecure. I would need to mediate with a hundred crystals allover my body for a week to get back to normal. This was when I realized he was a power source for me, I was craving the energy and needed it and when it was gone it felt like I was coming down from a high.  He was my drug and I needed detox every time he left my system. If something leaves you feeling worse than you felt before, just like a drug than obviously its not healthy. Our feeling receptors show us what is the right and wrong path. It feels good, go this way. It doesn’t feel good, don’t go that way. 

So I decided to call upon spirit as my power source and I can honestly say I have never felt more powerful or better. Sex can be an incredible power tool if accessed consciously. If sex is used unconscious or as a power source it can be extremely dangerous and destructive. We need sex! We need this life force energy but its so powerful that we really need to understand how to benefit from it at best. Show up for sex without needing anything from it and you will have the most profound experiences.