Short Version:

Tiana Griego is a true mover and shaker, on a mission and not afraid to show it. A mother, herbalist, avid meditator, former model and owner of 15 million subscriber YouTube channel, Tiana has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time and is not slowing down anytime soon. Her current passion is helping women reclaim the power of their orgasm for manifestation, spiritual evolution and reaching higher states of consciousness. Tiana is currently traveling the world unlocking women’s sensual abilities as a means to restore balance to humanity and she won’t stop until she sees an end to the suppression of women, their sexuality and the role it plays in creating world peace. No topic taboo, Tiana educates on the common misconceptions of anal sex, multiple partners as a path to evolution, throat orgasms, the effect of today’s lying-compliant culture and the evolved one-night stand. Tiana is the perfect package of mainstream and mystic to rip the blindfold off of society’s collective third eye and make us scream with pleasure as she does it. 

Long Version:

Tiana Griego is a visionary who grew up steeped in the ancient traditions of shamanism in the San Francisco Bay. Tiana’s greatest passions are helping women reclaim their sex and teaching men the secrets of pleasuring a woman. After a spiritual awakening 15 years ago prompted by Yogananda’s work, “Autobiography of a Yogi,” Tiana recognized now as the time for us to restore balance to our world by realigning ourselves with the ancient pleasure codes. Guided by intuition alone, she ended her engagement and moved to Hawaii to connect more deeply with these codes. While the move defied all logic, she trusted her inner guidance and doing so forever changed the course of her life. She was on a mission to restructure herself and her life and tried every modality she could get her hands on from affirmations and meditation to raw food, nature, sound therapy, shamanism and celibacy. She began meditating four hours per day from 4am to 8am, opening her senses and perception until she started to receive visions. In one of these visions, she saw herself traveling the Mediterranean with a “world healer” who was speaking on stage and teaching seminars with her by his side. After two years steeped in this practice, she received a more detailed vision of this world healer as a shaman living in Los Angeles, CA. Once again, following nothing more than her internal guidance system, she packed her bags and moved to a completely unfamiliar city, her young son in tow. Within one year she met Shaman Durek and recognized him as the healer from her visions. Fast-forward one year and they were on world tour together as creative business partners, traveling and teaching, mostly in Mediterranean countries.

Among Tiana’s specialties is Emotional Trigger Point Release, a technique where emotional toxins stored in various parts of the body are cleared with physical pressure, healing past traumas and assisting men and women in regaining access to their power. Tiana understands how the suppression of women affects the entire planet, with the huge imbalance between the masculine and feminine evident in current world affairs, and believes that when women wake up harmony will be restored. Tiana teaches on the connection between sexuality, spirituality and intuition. Through her experience and study, Tiana has learned that orgasm is not just about getting off; it serves a higher purpose. Orgasm is a powerful energy that, when unblocked and free-flowing, can be used to manifest and connect to the higher self. Tiana teaches women how to access all of their pleasure centers to have stronger, longer, more intense, and multiple orgasms that create openings to higher dimensions and powers. 

One of Tiana’s greatest strengths is her ability to walk in both the feminine world of intuition and the masculine world of production, having previously created a very successful YouTube channel with 15 Million subscribers. Although she is busy designing online workshops and writing her first book, today you can work with Tiana in person as she travels through many countries including the United States, Portugal, Israel, Turkey and Spain to name a few, or remotely from any location through Zoom. Private sessions last one hour and Tiana incorporates her knowledge of eastern and western herbs and shamanic techniques into each session. It brings Tiana great joy to travel the world helping men and women reconnect with the power of their natural sensual abilities as she is moved by the knowledge that when we heal ourselves, we heal each other. 


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